19 - 20 February, 2019 | The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Taavi Roivas

Former Prime Minister

9:50 AM GOVERNMENT LEADERS EXCHANGE: THE GOVERNMENT’S GUIDE TO A SUCESSFUL BLOCKCHAIN IMPLEMENTATION – A deep dive into the key challenges governments are faced with while implementing blockchain technology

Blockchain has the power to transform the way data is shared and improve its transparency. Governments around the world were among the first to recognise the benefits of this technology and are few steps ahead of enterprises in their blockchain journey. However, there are many challenges inhibiting Government blockchain use cases.

  • Highlights of world’s leading government blockchain projects- understanding where they are in their lifecycle
  • Limitations of Government blockchain networks
  • How to improve functionality of blockchain networks
  • Key takeaways from government blockchain projects


10:40 AM INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: STANDARDISATION, THE QUINTESENTIAL BLOCKCHAIN HURDLE - Can Blockchain continue to exist without the common industry standards?

The conversation on industry standards that focus on tech solutions to provide interoperability and system compatibility is coming to the fore. There are dozens of fragmented blockchains competing each their non interoperable standards and protocols. What does this mean for Blockchain and how will it impact the developments in the future?

  • How can businesses ensure trust in such a fragmented ecosystem
  • Can businesses still benefit from blockchain despite the lack on centralised standards and how?
  • How far are we from the adoption of centralised standards?

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