5-6 February 2019 | Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr Sohail Munir

Acting Director of Smart City Enablement Department
Smart Dubai Government

9:00 AM Creating a city built on blockchain – Dubai’s blockchain strategy

The Dubai blockchain strategy is a smart initiative from the Dubai government to deliver a more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful experience through the adoption of blockchain. This presentation will demonstrate how Dubai is going to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s first powered government to utilise the technology for all transactions by 2020 and how this strategy will bring Dubai to the forefront of the knowledge economy.

12:55 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Adoption principles: Examining successful blockchain adoption principles by corporate entities and government authorities

Blockchain applications have the potential to become ‘as revolutionary technology for business transactions as the internet was communications’. Not everything is right for blockchain. Making implementation decisions regarding where and how we use blockchain needs to be assessed. This session discusses key elements for successful adoption and how to evaluate whether blockchain solutions are right for your organisation.

  • Evaluate the potential of blockchain to improve trade, transactions and business processes
  • Recognising how creating strong ecosystems can improve value to the organisation
  • Understand how blockchain can improve visibility and trust by providing complete visibility to participants


4:45 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: How government blockchain applications will impact people and companies in the GCC

  • What are the government blockchain applications being deployed in the region?
  • How can government leverage cryptocurrencies?
  • Which of these will have the most impact on citizens, residents and visitors and how will this change their lives?
  • Which of these will have the most impact on companies and how?